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> Construction project for an underground bicycle park in Maastricht

Construction project for an underground bicycle park in Maastricht

The construction of the bicycle park underneath Stationsplein in Maastricht will soon be under way.

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Boosting the quality of the area

More and more people are choosing to cycle around Maastricht, which means more bicycle parking spaces are needed around the station. In light of this, NS (Dutch Railways), ProRail, the Municipality of Maastricht, the Province of Limburg, and Maastricht Bereikbaar (an initiative to reduce traffic congestion in Maastricht) are collaborating to build a bicycle park underneath Stationsplein in which 3,000 bicycles can be parked in a sheltered and safe space that is free-of-charge for the first 24 hours

The construction of the underground bicycle park will significantly boost the quality of the station area, as an underground bicycle park will clear the overground area of the station of bicycles and create a more pleasant environment. The entrance to the bicycle park will be constructed in the central reservation on Stationsstraat.


The construction will begin in spring 2016 and will be ongoing for around eighteen months, with the completion date set for the end of 2017. Before construction can begin, preparatory works are being carried out around the area. This includes the laying of cables, pipes and mains, and guttering. As the necessary space must also be created for the construction works, parking spaces and bicycle racks are being removed or relocated and the area around the station is being reconfigured.

During construction

Buses and trains will operate as usual during construction works. The station, shops, hotels, and restaurants will remain accessible. Given that approximately 33,000 people walk through the station each day, construction will be phased in order to guarantee accessibility and minimize inconvenience. However, while noise nuisance and loud drilling noises are inevitable, the construction methods will be subject to strict requirements that include the maximum nuisance and working times.


Please note: the information on this project is based on current assessments and may change. We will keep you updated via our website, Facebook, and our digital newsletter

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