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in crane operation, of their safety obligations when operating mobile cranes The safety alert identifies some of the most common issues that must be addressed when carrying out a lifting operation Background In Queensland, there are a continuing number of mobile crane incidents involving crane rollovers, structural failures and loads falling

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Page 3 of 5 Safe Work Practices (SWP) Crane supported work platforms must be constructed according to drawings and specifications by qualified welders, or welds must be inspected and certified by an engineer Man baskets must be fixed with sufficient numbers of fixed supports for lanyards and be clearly identified

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Personnel hoisting is a special category of crane operations and requires additional precautions These precautions relate to the capabilities and arrangements of the lifting equipment, the procedures used in the lift, and the training and personal protective equipment used by the personnel during their hoisting


Refer corporate PPE procedure Operator, Dogman and those in the immediate area shall, where practical, wear a hard hat Lifting Gear ; 1 Operator must have certification as per the Safe Operation of Overhead Crane Procedure 2 Before operating a crane the operator must ensure the crane test and maintenance certificates and records are current 3

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The lifting plan should include a set of written safe work procedures The occupier of a worksite has to implement a permit-to-work as specified in Part III of the WSH (Construction) Regulations to ensure effective execution of the lifting plan involving tower, mobile or crawler crane

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Safe Work Procedure Table of Contents *Sign & fax the Employee Safe Work Procedure Sign-Off Sheet, at the end of this document, 19 Crane – Operation 20 Crane – Tandem Lift 21 Cutting Galvanized Metal 22 Elevating Work Platform 23 Emergency Procedure – Electrical Shock 24 Emergency Procedure – Injury


Safe Work Load - Ensure it is visible on crane and all lifting gear vii 82 Planning the Lift i The weight of the load shall never exceed the load capacity of the crane or lifting gear ii The weight of the load must always be known and should not be lifted without this knowledge

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Mobile (Truck) Cranes Safe operating and working procedures Employee safety training Place the machine in the proper working position and assure that you work within the crane’s capabilities at all times Avoid utilizing the crane’s maximum rated lifting capacity

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We are happy to share established safe work procedures with all local governments If you have any to share, please email them to [email protected] It remains the employers’ responsibility to ensure safe work procedures are customized for each organization, and that they are updated as WorkSafeBC Regulations, Guidelines or Policies change


Most crane and rigging accidents can be prevented by field personnel following basic safe hoisting and rigging practices When a crane operator is working with a rigger or a rigging crew, it is vital that the operator is aware of the all aspects of the lift and that a means of communication has been agreed upon, including what signals will be used

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Review and follow the safe work procedures for operating machinery on steep slopes If steep slope procedures unavailable do not operate machine on slopes greater than 30% Ensure the tracks are adequately caulked with ice lugs for winter operations Ensure a radio man-check system is established

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We are happy to share established safe work procedures with all local governments If you have any to share, Crane Operation Training Checklist (447 downloads) Digging Around Underground Utilities (993 downloads) Thanks to Candice Roffe from the City of White Rock for sharing these safe work procedures SWP - Commercial Recycling

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mobile crane operation This module describes the basic stone steps, potential hazards or accidents, and recommended safe stone procedures for mobile crane operation

Safe Work Practices (SWP) SWP (19) CONVENTIONAL DROP

Safe Work Practices (SWP) SWP (19) CONVENTIONAL DROP HAMMER PILE DRIVING Conventional Pile driving work can often be a hazardous stone due to amount of heavy All workers/crane operators involved in operations should be familiar with basic crane rigging and pile driving hand signals

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WHS-42 Safe Operation of Overhead Cranes Procedure Document valid for day of printing only Printed on Thursday, 22 October 2015 Page 6 of 16 b) Is capable of travelling on supporting surfaces or deck levels, whether fixed or not; and c) Has a crab with 1 or more …

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Safe Work Procedure Table of Contents *Sign & fax the Employee Safe Work Procedure Sign-Off Sheet, at the end of this document, once you have read and understood Sections 1-79 Click the links below for rapid access to each section 1 5 Point harness 2 Air Compressor Maintenance and Inspection 3 Air Equipment Setup 4 Air Nailing Equipment 5

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Safe Use of Mobile Cranes in Construction Sites 1 By Occupation Safety and Health Division Ministry of Manpower Introduction There are approximately 10,000 mobile cranes being used in Singapore The majority of these cranes are used in the construction industry to …


Tower Cranes (6) The climbing space of a tower crane mast must be clear of protruding objects and must provide a safe and unobstructed passage (7) A written fall protection plan, which addresses the requirements of fall protection when a person is operating, inspecting, servicing and …

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• plan lifting activities to minimise risks associated with lifting operations 32 Safe Systems of Work Requirements Mobile cranes and forklifts shall not travel while people are in the workbox / sully box, unless in the the requirements of Business Procedure: Work at Height applies 35 Safe Work Practice Requirements

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PDF Download: Crane (Mobile) Safe Work Method Statement This Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a comprehensive document outlining the safety steps, general hazards and controls associated with the use of a mobile crane


Section 5: Introduction to Crane Operations 103 Responsibilities 105 This encourages both groups to work out solutions to health and safety It is important that workers involved with hoisting and rigging activities are trained in both safety and operating procedures Hoisting equipment should be operated only by trained personnel

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Mobile Crane Safety Procedure Document Ref No Date of Issue: 01/01/2016 Objective of this procedure is to provide minimum requirements for safe operation of mobile cranes and to establish mandatory requirements and practices to protect personnel & other work done on the crane …

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This document provides guidance on managing risks associated with cranes, including tower cranes and mobile cranes Site Information and assistance Get assistance with this site Download General guide to cranes as a docx Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy stone exposure standards Disease, injury and behavioural issues


SWP No18 Page: 1 of 1 SAFE WORKING PROCEDURE Working With Plant phones when operating mobile plant Specific Training requirements • Induction training • Identify, and keep to, safe systems of work • Take care when refuelling, avoid spillage of fuel and refrain from smoking

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Safe Working Procedures Everyone is expected to follow these general rules when engaged in any TRU operations Certain specialized or hazardous tasks will have a separate SWP which is contained within Section 2 of the Occupational Health and Safety Program People engaged in such activities should familiarize themselves with the specific SWP for


SAFE WORK PROCEDURES TELEHANDLER SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1 A person must hold a Certificate of Competency for a Non -slewing mobile crane (class CN) to operate a telehandler fitted with a lifting jib with a lifting capacity greater than 3t 2

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Course Outline Participate in lifting plan, risk assessment and safe work procedure (SWP) briefing for lifting operations as a supervisor Check to ensure proper use of appropriate PPE and tag line for personnel in lifting operations Interpret load charts to verify the intended lift is within the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the crane

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recommended safe stone procedures for mobile crane operation Much of the material in Module 3, "Hauler Operation," may also be used in the "truck driving" portion of training for operators of truck mounted cranes Mobile cranes (both truck cranes and crawler cranes) are used at surface metal and nonmetal mines for various types of applications

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Safe Work Practices SAFE DRIVING Sample Travel Policy GENERAL Accident Prevention Signs Tags & Barricades: Overhead Crane Operation: Weight of Materials: Plate Clamp Inspection: Wire Rope Slings: Safe Work Procedure Technician Dispatched on Sprayer Service Call:


This procedure outlines safe work practices for qualified employees who work on or near cranes or carry-deck cranes The procedure will cover safe rigging and lifting practices, working around high voltage electricity, inspections, lift plans, personnel platforms, and worker requirements

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S:\SUPPORT SYSTEMS\OHS\Standard Operating Procedures\SOP 02 Yard Operationsdocx 3 17 Where cranes are used in the yard for lifting purposes, all appropriate PPE and safety procedures must be followed Operations must be in accordance with AS2550 and the manufacturers operating procedures…

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76 Pump Discharge Joint • Loosen pump discharge pipe work flange joints, Ref Fig 2 and leave pipe work soft bolted and supported by the mobile crane until ready to remove • Using the mobile crane, remove discharge pipe work and lower to ground

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Crane (Overhead – Bridge - Gantry) Safe Work Method Statement This Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a comprehensive document covering the risk management processes and procedures associated with operation of a Bridge or Gantry Crane with both a manned cabin and remote controlled This SWMS does not cover the transportation, erection or dismantling of a Gantry or Bridge Crane


STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES TRUCK LOADING AND UNLOADING OPERATIONS File ref: OSH103/107487 Employees who are allocated a high risk role on the shift, eg crane operation, dogman Driver Safe Zone and Work Zone 63 Mobile Phones

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Safety Manual for Overhead Crane Operators Forward controls into the work area Have coordination between eyes, hands, and feet General operating procedures All basic signaling procedures, including verbal, hand and radio signals, where required

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Mobile Elevating Work Platforms Cranes On Building Sites Mobile Crane Operating Safety Procedures Informationon crane safety from how to control the pivot of a crane to an outlines health and safety procedure • Only trained, qualified and specifically designated persons shall operate a mobile crane

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Download: Crane safety for construction site managers/supervisors (pdf 297 KB) While this guidance has not been updated to reflect current work health and safety legislation (the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and regulations), it may still contain relevant information and practices to keep workers and others healthy and safe

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Crane Operator (Construction work) Road accidents during the moving of mobile cranes 2 Crane operators must know about the safety regulations that govern crane operation, the weight limits for various cranes and how to maintain the cranes they use They should also have some knowledge of construction methods and materials