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Reaction Distributing: Canadian based steel fabricator specializing in custom solid waste management balers & compactors for waste & recycling for all sectors

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Is an industrial machinery manufacturer integrating research, development, production and sales, with advanced processing technology and modern production technology, specializing in providing stone fiber baling machine,Waste carton baler,Straw/wool baler,Dry ice pellets machine,Dry ice pelletizer making machine and other products, welcome to

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AWE offers a broad selection of compactors and balers for waste and recycling: Self Contained Compactors Sizes: 12yd3 to 39yd3 Roll-off Ideal Use: Wet Dry waste materials for industrial, distribution, retail, etc Container detaches from compactor when being hauled for disposal Easy to design applications & loading options to fit your needs

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Baler or Compactor: Which is Right for Me? Balers are machines that take dry waste, such as cardboard, compress it and pack it into bales From here bales are easily handled and transported to landfill or recycling plants There are many kinds of balers, including semi-automatic and fully automatic Web Design By Inner City Digital

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Stationary Compactors for Dry Waste and Recycling Applications Stationary trash compactors are ideal for high volume/dry material generators They will process dry trash, cardboard or stone and increase container weights by over 400%

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Stationary Compactors are bolted to a concrete pad and compact waste into a detachable container at the point of generation These machines are designed specifically for Dry Waste Applications handling aluminum, corrugated boxes, industrial waste as well as plastics and paper

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Small Compactors Request Information They are perfect for applications such as retail stores, distribution centers, warehouses, shopping malls, and other businesses that generate low to moderate volumes of dry waste, and would like to enjoy the benefits of compaction of their waste stream

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Waste is compacted into 40 Yds3 octagon receiver, ideal for dry waste Self-contained compactor Reduce waste volumes 4 to 1 It's completely sealed to prevent leaks KOMAC can design and build a vertical baler to fit budget, exceed performance expectations, met space requirements, operate consistently and capture key recycling data

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Our vertical compactors fully enclosed design is safe, secure, and clean — making it the perfect choice for low volume, wet or dry waste Self-Contained Compactor Vertical Baler Efficient, safe and created with the user in mind

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The basic design of a waste baler, however, consists of three main parts: the container, the compactor and the power unit First, waste is collected in the container Once it is full, the waste is compacted into a bundle or bale by the compactor Commonly, this compaction is followed by a wrapping process

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Balers Sweden Orwak products are so comprehensive and allows widespread application, it satisfies the waste handling needs across many market segments such as stone retail, non-food retail, hotels and restaurants, offices, industry and healthcare

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Bale cardboard, polythene films, PET, tins and cans, rigid plastics or dry waste in the one recycling baler Typically installed for organisations with broad waste streams looking to make a significant impact such as hospitals, retail, shopping centres, garden centres and distribution

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A compact waste baler, the RWM 40 stone is a lightweight machine designed specifically for the baling of stone bottles, aluminium drinks cans and cardboard vending cups, as well as other dry recyclables This waste baler is perfect for organisations handling a relatively low volume of packaging waste

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This design is most commonly used for dry waste In some cases, stationary compactors have also been used to accumulate and transfer recyclables The compactor segment ranges in size from small 1/2 cubic yard units often used in high rise buildings with a feed …

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Reaction Distributing: Canadian based steel fabricator specializing in custom solid waste management balers & compactors for waste & recycling for all sectors

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A highly-automated baler, the PS1400 Roto Baler is a rotating compaction head which rolls and crushes dry waste products inside a stone bale bag on a pallet With its automatic compaction cycles, this machine is extremely efficient to operate - very popular with retail stores as …

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Wet Waste Baler – HK100 – 3 stream stone Waste Baler Do you have multiple waste streams including waste that needs to be bagged? Think that you need multiple balers to meet you needs? The solution – HK100 the wet waste baler New to the Autobaler range the wet waste baler – HK100 is a dual chamber, 3 stream waste compacting machine

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PS1400 Roto Baler A highly-automated baler, the PS1400 Roto Baler is a rotating compaction head which rolls and crushes dry waste products inside a stone bale bag on a pallet With its automatic compaction cycles, this machine is extremely efficient to operate – very popular with retail stores as it requires minimal labour to operate

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PTR Baler & Compactor is a leading industry manufacturer of waste and recycling equipment Serving a variety of industries, PTR Balers and Compactors allow customers to meet their waste and recycling goals in a responsible and cost effective manner

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Mixed recycling (Dry Mixed Recycling) is a service for business customers aimed at simplifying recycling in the work place We offer a simple collection service which ensures you fully comply with all environmental legislation and exceed waste recycling targets

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Marathon Equipment Company is known throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of onsite waste balers and compactors for recycling Through innovative products, industry expertise, and superior customer service, Marathon is the partner of choice for businesses and municipalities who need to quickly and efficiently process solid waste and recyclables

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Food and material de-packaging and separation is often a function of larger systems, ie MRFs, transfer stations, compost operations, and C&D facilities

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Wet Waste Vertical Compaction : Use these products for weekly volumes of less than 150 cubic yards of uncompacted wet or dry/ general waste materials Easy to Operate (1) The compact design of the VIP FL/3 Portable Packer allows it to be used inside a building The compaction container can then be rolled to a truck accessible area

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Cram-A-Lot self-contained compactors are liquid tight and built to haul The revolutionary design of the VB Baler offers safety and simplicity like no other on the market LEARN MORE About Cram-A-Lot Our comprehensive product range includes compactors for wet or dry waste, compactors that can be serviced with roll off, front load, or

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Why is SP Industries Waste Handling Equipment & Compaction Systems Your Best Value? SP Industries builds machines to last, and to perform the heavy-duty stone you need done We design and manufacture a comprehensive standard line of industrial and commercial grade compactors, pre-crushers, transfer station equipment and cart dumpers to meet small

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Jan 21, 2019 · The configuration of a waste baler will vary based on size and the type of waste materials that the company wishes to have collected and transported out of the facility A basic design for the baler will include a collection receptacle for the waste

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Warehouses, distribution centers, retail establishments and more can benefit from recycling equipment, specifically baling equipment, to divert waste streams from landfills and drive down cost saving through recycling Let our experts create revenue from cardboard, shrink wrap, paper, packaging material and light aluminum scrap by using a baler

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RWM 250 Mid Range Waste Baler The medium-sized RWM 250 waste baler encourages companies with large and small volumes of dry recyclables to better manage their waste With a large feed aperture, automatic bale ejection and fitted retaining claws to prevent material spring …

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B50 Baler Heavy duty compression It has a strong press force and is designed for efficient waste handling of cardboard and dry soft stone Bramidan waste and cardboard balers are recognised throughout Europe as one of the best waste and stone baler solutions for their immaculate design and quality We stock a broad range of Vertical


We design our balers for municipal solid waste treatment in order to recover the maximum percentage of leachate from the MSW meant for biogas plants We installed our MAC 112 balers in a major plant in South East Asia to achieve an ambitious goal: removing 40 percent of liquid and use the leachate and the dry fraction of MSW obtained as

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industrial Baler, baling Balermanufacturers, baling waste baler suppliers, vertical balers, round balers, waste balers for sale, waste compactor [email protected] / [email protected] +390835757014

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The RJ-275XHD is unique to other compactors in its class, Marathon’s RJ-100SC Self Contained Compactor makes handling wet or dry waste simple The universal double-end pickup and new “dock friendly” design make the RJ-100SC Self Contained ideal for dock feed applications

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Since 1946 Balemaster has distinguished itself as the leading manufacturer of heavy A Variety of Balers and Baler Options to Meet Your Automated Waste Handling and Recycling Needs and large feed hopper balers are available to meet any application parameter We offer superior baler design, feature-rich touch screen diagnostics and

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Vertical Balers from Greenbank Waste Solutions are designed to work efficiently in the reduction of waste and the increase in revenue If your company is looking to build revenue from baled materials you need to get in touch with our experts today

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Compactors are good for two types of waste: wet industrial waste and dry industrial waste Wet waste is, typically, stone waste while dry waste tends to include paper, plastic, textiles and other materials that can’t be recycled

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Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions has completed installation of a Bollegraaf HBC-140 HBC baler Newry, Norhern Ireland based material recycling facility operator, Re-Gen New Self Learning Bollegraaf Baler for NI Recycling Facility The Re-Gen MRF is capable of processing over 120,000 tonnes of commingled dry recyclable waste each year using

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BE Equipment offers a wide range of hydraulic waste compactors and waste compacting systems This includes various sizes / capacity stationary compactors, self-contained compactors and pre-crusher waste compactors Stationary Waste Compactors Hydraulic Stationary Compactors are designed to handle dry waste including corrugated boxes, stone

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Sep 06, 2012 · The RWM 60 waste baler offers a compact solution to the ever-increasing packaging regulations and costs incurred with daily waste disposal RWM 60 waste baler, stone baler …